Project Launch
We connect Los Angeles high school students, from diverse, often underrepresented backgrounds, to relevant USC student mentors, and help our students build the hard skills, soft skills, and growth mindset they will need as leaders of the next generation.
Our program introduces 12 students from a charter school (Hybrid High School) in South L.A. to technology, design, and entrepreneurship through a semester long mentorship program at the USC. We also host Power Up, a one day all female* tech and entrepreneurship conference for Hybrid High students.
*non-binary and transgender inclusive
In 2017 one-third of rocket class found an internship through Project Launch, with our partner incubator, Science Inc.
Laptops and Scholarships
In 2017 we provided all participants with their own laptops at the end of the program, and three outstanding participants with $750 scholarships.
We believe mentorship paired with project-based, skill-focused learning and exposure to industry will help create future leaders. Whether you want to mentor a student or become a rocket, we want you to apply to our program.
Closing 2017

A recap by the Daily Trojan of our first iteration

2018 Opening

Learn more about what our goals were for 2018

Partner Award

Ednovate Charter Schools recognizes Project Launch

Fuel the Launch
We aim to work with partners that want to invest in a diverse future for the STEAM fields and beyond. Partners have the opportunity to collaborate on our periodic work sessions, invite the mentees and mentors on tech tours, and support the scholarships our mentees need to get a STEAM education. Project Launch needs you to fuel the launch.
Our Partners